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Scholarship Disbursement Request Form

To expedite the processing of Scholarship Disbursement Request forms, please keep the following in mind:

    • Scholarship Disbursement Request forms submitted for reimbursement of expenses must be accompanied by documentation supporting the expenses. The documentation will be used to increase the student’s Cost of Attendance, which will offset the reimbursement posted to their Financial Aid Package.
    • Submit one Scholarship Disbursement Request form per scholarship awarded per aid year. When awarding multiple scholarships to the same student with one award letter, the Scholarship Disbursement forms should be submitted separately. Do not use multiple KFS or Foundation numbers on the same form. This will result in a delaying us from posting the scholarship to the student’s account.

Verify the Student ID matches the student for whom the award is intended.

  • When completing the Scholarship Disbursement Request form, you must indicate the term(s) the award is to be posted (fall, spring or summer). Scholarships must be awarded for the term or academic year in which the student is/was an active student. Awards given to students that have graduated must be posted to the last semester the student was enrolled.
  • Use ONLY whole dollars when completing the Scholarship Disbursement Request form. Cents cannot be posted to the Student Administration System.

Our goal is to process scholarship forms submitted to our office within 5 business days. The volume at certain times of the year prohibits our ability to reach this standard.

Click here to download the Scholarship Disbursement Request Form in Microsoft Word (docx) format