On May 15th, UConn will be launching two new features that will make it easier for you to share certain information from your student record with your parents or other individuals.

FERPA Designee Pin Page: This newly improved FERPA pin page will allow you to assign pin numbers to anyone you designate. This feature is similar to the current version in that assigning  a pin number will allow the person you designate to talk to certain University offices about your records. This feature will replace the existing FERPA pin code function in Student Admin. Please complete the new FERPA Designee process in order for the Office of Student Financial Aid Services to discuss certain financial aid information from your record.


Delegated Access:  Delegated access is a new function being offered within Student Admin. This feature enables you to invite others, such as parents or spouses, to create a delegate account and access information in Student Admin that you have given them permission to view. The individual(s) you delegate will be able to see certain Student Admin screens just like you see them.

For more information on how to assign a FERPA Designee or offer Delegated Access, please visit https://ferpa.uconn.edu/share-my-information/.