Student Entrance Counseling

Federal Direct Stafford and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Entrance Counseling

Federal regulations require that all first time borrowers of both Federal Direct Stafford and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans complete entrance counseling online at before funds can disburse.

To complete Entrance Counseling as an undergraduate student or graduate/professional student, you will need:

  • 20-30 minutes to complete (The entire session must be completed at one time. If you do not complete the entire session, you will have to start from the beginning.)
  • Your Federal Student AidIdentification (FSA ID) (if you do not have a Federal Student Aid Identification (FSA ID), visit

Helpful Hints for Completing Counseling:

  • Disable pop-up blockers prior to starting Entrance Counseling.
  • Select “Complete Counseling” on the navigation bar.
  • Select “Entrance Counseling” under the “Choose Counseling Type.” Note: Financial Awareness Counseling does NOT meet the requirements for Entrance Counseling.
  • All students (with the exception of UConn Health students) must select the main campus University of Connecticut with school code/branch G01417. The Office of Student Financial Aid Services will not receive session confirmation for other school codes/branches.
  • Graduate and professional students must identify as such in order for the Entrance Counseling session to satisfy both the Federal Direct Stafford and Federal Direct PLUS counseling requirements.
  • You must open the Rights and Responsibilities document, review it, close it, then click “Continue”. Once you receive a “Congratulations” message, your entrance counseling session is complete.