Housing and Dining Plan FAQs

Am I eligible for a credit and/or refund?

On March 25th, the decision was made by the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees that if a student received institutional aid in Spring 2020 that is equal to or greater than their Spring 2020 charges, the student would be ineligible for the housing and/or dining plan credit.

Students who received institutional aid in Spring 2020 that is less than their Spring 2020 charges, will be eligible to receive a credit.

What is included in institutional aid?

  1. Tuition Waivers
  2. Resident Advisor (RA) Waivers
  3. University Grants
  4. Policy Exception Grants
  5. Special Circumstance Grants
  6. University Merit Scholarships/Awards (Centrally managed by Enrollment Planning and Management Division)
  7. Athletic Aid

Why am I not eligible for a housing/dining plan credit?

You are not eligible to receive a credit because your Spring 2020 fee bill was covered/funded 100% by institutional aid.

How were the credits calculated?

The Board of Trustees has approved the proration of housing and dining charges due to the emergency closure, effective March 23, 2020. Based on the closure date, 45% of the semester was spent remotely, as such UConn has prorated 45% of the total cost of the housing and dining charges to student accounts.

What will happen to my financial aid if I choose to apply the credit forward to the Fall 2020 fee bill?

Nothing. For students who request the refund and applied it to the Fall 2020, will not impact their financial aid eligibility. The credit will be re-deposited and applied to the fee bill. (Example: eligible credit of $1,000 will be re-deposited as a payment of $1,000 on fall 2020 fee bill).

I want my credit to apply forward to the Fall fee bill, do I have to take action?

Yes, please complete the appropriate form the Office of the Bursar provided in their email communication to you.

Can I apply the credit to multiple academic years?

No, the credit may only be applied to Fall 2020 at this time.

I would like to request a refund for the credit balance, how can I do so?

To request a refund, please complete the appropriate form provided in the email communication sent to you by the Office of the Bursar.

Refunds will be processed via Direct Deposit. Students should sign up for direct deposit to ensure they receive any refunds quickly and securely. Instructions are available here. Students who do not sign up for direct deposit will receive a paper refund check. This process can take two weeks, plus mailing time.

When will I get my credit/refund?

Eligible students will be contacted via email by the Office of the Bursar and provided options for their credits. They will also note on their website when each of the credits have been completed. Students who receive institutional funds for their Education Abroad fees, or room and board will not be eligible for a refund of this credit.

The Office of the Bursar began issuing Education Abroad credits on April 13, 2020, and communicated to all impacted students shortly after this date.

Prorated Housing and Dining credits will begin posting to students accounts on April 30, 2020. The Office of the Bursar will be sending email communication to students on options for their credits. Please be patient as their department works through all the student accounts affected.

Prorated parking permit refunds will be credited back to the original source of payment, (i.e. credit/debit cards). All others will be issued as a refund from Parking Services. This process began on April 24, 2020 with anticipated completion by early May.

How will the credits affect my student loans?

Student loans will not be impacted. Students will not have a reduction in their loans for the Spring 2020 semester. This includes Federal Student loans, Federal Parent PLUS loans, and Private/Alternative loans.

Students do have the option to use their refund to make payments on current loan balances with their Federal Loan Servicer. Please visit https://studentaid.gov/ for more information pertaining to loans.

How will the credits affect my Federal Pell Grant?

Federal Pell Grants will not be affected or reduced as a result of the housing/dining plan credits.

Will I have a balance on my account if my institutional aid is reduced?

No, you will not have a balance. The reduction in institutional aid will be reduced by the exact amount of the housing and/or dining plan credit, resulting in an even swap.

I have a balance on my account, will I receive a credit or refund?

If a student has a current balance due, the credit will be applied to that balance first. After the balance is paid, you may request a refund or re-deposit for the fall term by completing the appropriate form in the communication the Office of the Bursar sent to you.

Can I donate my credit?

UConn Nation, we’re in this together. The UConn community is addressing the needs of students who are facing unprecedented hardships due to the rapidly developing situation with COVID-19. You can join us by donating your 2020 refund to support UConn students that need it most. Your gift to the Students First Fund can help UConn put every effort behind easing the burden students are experiencing by paying expenses for transportation, gift certificates for grocery stores, and other convenience measures appropriate in their time of need.

If a student would like to redirect all or part of their credit to the Student First Fund, through the UConn Foundation, please fill out the Donation Request Form provided in our email communication and the UConn Foundation will provide a charitable gift receipt for your contribution in a timely manner.

Will I be receiving a refund for Spring 2020 tuition and/or fees?

No, at this time, all courses have transitioned to online learning and therefore, tuition and fees will not be prorated or refunded for the Spring 2020 semester.