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Academic Engagement

The Office of Student Financial Aid Services (OSFAS) is required to monitor grades in order to ensure that recipients of federal student aid complete the credits for which their aid was awarded.

Students who do not earn any credits in a given semester are required to demonstrate academic engagement by verifying their participation in an academically-related activity at the university.

Students whose grades are incomplete (I)

Request a grade for your course.

  1. Contact your professor to request that your grade be posted.
  2. Submit the Verification of Academic Engagement Form to the OSFAS, indicating that your grade has been posted.

If your final grade is not available, you may demonstrate participation in an academically-related activity by following the steps below.

Students who did not receive a passing grade in any course

    1. Submit a Verification of Academic Engagement Form to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.

The Verification of Academic Engagement Forms can be found at the links below.

2016-2017 Verification of Academic Engagement Form

  1. Demonstrate your engagement an academically-related activity by submitting the documentation listed below from at least one course taken (in the semester in which credits were not earned).
    • Documentation of your physical attendance in a class. Section 4 of the Verification of Academic Engagement Form must be completed by the instructor in said class.
    • A copy of a dated and graded academic assignment.
    • A copy of an exam, quiz, or other assessment that can be documented by date.
    • Documentation of your participation in an online discussion about academic matters, to the degree to which such participation can be documented.

Financial Aid Impact

Our office,  in conjunction with the university Bursar’s Office, will determine the percentage (up to 100%) of federal student aid that may be retained on a student’s account.  This percentage will be determined based on the latest possible date upon which the student is able to document attendance at an “academically-related activity” for the semester in question. If it is determined that the student failed to earn 100% of their federal student aid, the Bursar’s Office will perform a Return to Title IV calculation and adjustments will be made to the student’s account.  The adjustments will be reflected on any balance owed to the university.

Students who do not respond by the deadline indicated in the communication sent by our office will be subject to a Return to Title IV calculation based on the 50% mark and the OSFAS reducing the student’s financial aid award by approximately one-half. If a student submits documentation after the deadline has passed, OSFAS will evaluate the documentation provided on a case by case basis and reinstate funds as deemed appropriate.