Husky Parents

Getting Started

Your Husky must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for each year that they attend and wish to be considered for aid.

  • FAFSA application is available on October 1st each year
  • UConn School Code: 001417
  • On-time Deadline is February 15th

The Department of Education provides information regarding what happens after the FAFSA has been submitted. View the After the FAFSA video to learn more.

Accessing Your Student’s Financial Aid Information 

A federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, affords students certain rights regarding their educational records.  Before calling, emailing, or visiting our office to discuss a student’s record, please ensure that the student has identified you as a designee, and that you have your FERPA code available.

If you have not been assigned a FERPA code, you will need to ask the student to complete the FERPA Designee Pin process and name you as a designee in order for University staff to be able to speak with you about certain financial aid information.

The student also has the option to grant you access as a delegate, in which you will be able to log in and view certain financial aid information associated with the student’s record; however, being granted access as a delegate will not allow University staff to discuss information from the student’s record.

Information regarding FERPA and how to designate access is available at

Learn/More Information

Eligibility Requirements and Terms and Conditions

In order for your student to be considered for financial assistance at the University of Connecticut, they must meet certain eligibility requirements.  Please see the full list of eligibility requirements and Terms and Conditions.

Aid Your Student May Be Eligible For

Navigate to the Types of Aid section under the Apply for Aid drop-down to learn more about the aid offerings your student may be eligible for.

Parent Loan Information

Federal Direct (Parent) PLUS Loans

Parents of dependent undergraduate students may apply for a Federal Direct (Parent) PLUS Loan. More information about this type of loan is available in the Loans for Parents section.

Private Education Loans

There are parent loan products available through private lenders. More information about private educational loans is available in the Private Educational Loans section.

Financing Options for Educational Expenses

Determining how to pay for remaining educational expenses can be challenging and overwhelming. The Office of Student Financial Aid Services (OSFAS) is here to assist you in identifying options and provide information that will help you decide what works best for you and your family.

Links have been provided for additional information.

Scholarship Opportunities

This resource provides links to UConn Departments that offer scholarships to current students. There are also links to scholarship resources outside the University that can be explored.

Federal Direct (Parent) Plus Loans

The Federal Direct Loan program is offered through the U.S. Department of Education. This loan is available to parent borrowers of dependent undergraduate students who have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This type of loan requires an application from the parent borrower as well as a valid credit check. Additional information about the Federal Direct (Parent) Plus loan can be found at the following website.

To apply for the Federal Parent Plus Loan, parents can sign in with their FSA ID at

Private/Alternative Education Loans

Private Education Loans are non-federal loans made by private lenders. These types of loans require completion of an application and a valid credit check. Additional information about UConn’s Suggested Lender List for Private/Alternative loans can be found at the following website.

UConn Payment Plan

The University of Connecticut’s Office of the Bursar offers an optional payment plan for the fall and spring semester. Additional information about the UConn Payment plan can be found at the following website.