Academic Engagement

The Office of Student Financial Aid Services (OSFAS) is required to comply with Federal Title IV regulations to ensure that recipients of federal student aid complete academic credit for which their aid was awarded, and that attendance was initiated in all credits for which a Federal Pell Grant award was based.

Evaluation Period

Following the completion of each semester, faculty will enter a last date of attendance/academic engagement for F, N, U grades.

Students who did not complete at least one class, (i.e., did not receive any A – D, I, X, or S grades, or had F, N, U grades only with a date prior to the end of the semester) will be subject to a Return of Title IV calculation which may result in a balance owed to the University.

Financial Aid Impact

The OSFAS will determine the percentage (up to 100%) of federal student aid that may be retained on your account. This percentage will be determined based on the latest possible date upon which reported by the faculty member if an F, N, U grade was assigned and no other passing grades were earned for that semester. Blank grades are not considered passing.

If it's determined that you failed to earn 100% of your federal student aid, the OSFAS will perform a Return to Title IV calculation and adjustments may be made to your account that could result in a reduction to your federal financial aid for that semester.

Please be aware that a reduction of your financial aid may generate a balance on your University fee bill, and a hold may be placed on your account. For more information about your fee bill, and how to pay any outstanding balances, please visit the Bursar’s website at

Federal Pell Grant Impacts

Students must initiate attendance in all credits for which a Federal Pell Grant was based. The University determines if attendance was initiated by a student using the date reported with F, N, U grades. For all other grades, we assume students at least initiated attendance based on the grading definitions.

Example: Let’s say you received a full-time Federal Pell Grant for the fall semester because you were enrolled in 12.0 credits as of the Fixed Enrollment Date. At the end of the semester, you receive three A’s in 9.0 credits but one F in 3 credits. The faculty member reports with the F grade that you never attended class or were not academically engaged. As a result, you are only eligible for a Federal Pell Grant based on the 9.0 credits that you earned. The original Pell Grant will be reduced, and you may owe a balance to the University.