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Scholarship Disbursement Process

The Office of Student Financial Aid Services offers an Online Scholarship Disbursement Request Form!  This form should be used to ensure scholarship awards (funded by KFS and Foundation Accounts) are added to a student’s financial aid package and disbursed through the Student Administration System.

To request access to submit scholarship disbursements, please complete the access request here.  The request will be sent to your supervisor as listed in Core-CT.  Once your supervisor approves your access, you may begin submitting scholarship disbursements online.

If you have a new scholarship that needs to be awarded, please submit a request using the Scholarship Setup Form.

To view the status of a submitted scholarship disbursement, you may access the workflow here. Please note that you will only be able to view the statuses of scholarship disbursements submitted by you.

Please utilize our FAQ’s below to answer common questions about the new Online Scholarship Disbursement Request Form.  You will also find helpful job aids and templates under the Resources tab below.

Scholarship Disbursement FAQ’s

What happens when I submit a scholarship disbursement request?

  • The request will first be sent to the signature authorities listed with the particular account. If a Foundation account, the request will need to be approved by the primary or secondary signature authority.  If the request total is $10,000 or greater, the primary signature authority must approve the request.  Once approved, the request is then sent to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services (OSFAS) for review and posting to the student account.  Once completed, you will receive an email notification that the award has been posted.

What is the turnaround time to have a scholarship posted to a student account?

    • The scholarship disbursement request first must be approved by the signature authority, which will then be sent to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services for processing.  During normal processing times, please allow 3-5 business days from when the signature authority approves the scholarship to when the scholarship would be added to the student’s financial aid offer.  During peak times, spring/summer months, please allow 5-7 business days.  If scholarships are meant to assist undergraduate students in paying their Fall semester fee bill due on August 1, please submit all forms by July 1 to ensure processing by the fee bill due date.  This is a high volume time for the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.

    How do I cancel a scholarship for a student once it has been processed?

    • Email sara.raffia@uconn.edu with the request and scholarship/student details. Once OSFAS receives this request the award will be canceled, an email confirmation will be sent once complete.

    How do I upload multiple students for one or multiple scholarship accounts?

    • The workflow is set up to submit requests by account number. If you have multiple students for one account, utilize the CSV Upload function.  If you have multiple students for multiple accounts, you will need to do a separate request for each account.

    I went to submit a scholarship disbursement request but it said one did not exist. However, I have submitted and processed scholarships with this account in the past.

    The wrong signature authority is listed for my Foundation and/or KFS account.

    • This information is internally maintained as part of the scholarship workflow. If there are changes to signature authorities in the Foundation or to the Fiscal Officer in KFS, the Office of Student Financial Aid Services will need to make updates.  Contact sara.raffia@uconn.edu.

    Can I designate someone else to approve the disbursement request besides the signature authority listed?

    • No, not for Foundation accounts.  However, if you are the Fiscal Officer listed on the KFS account and will also be submitting the scholarship disbursement request, the Account Supervisor listed for that account in KFS would need to be the approving authority.

      Scholarship Timeline/Tips

      Fall semester:

      Bursar issues fall fee bills in early June, spring fee bills in mid November
      Department should submit disbursement forms prior to fall fee bill generation
      Fall scholarships can be submitted in late March/early April

      Spring semester:

      Spring semester scholarships will not be posted after June 15th
      Once the following semester’s fee bill has been generated, a scholarship will roll forward to that outstanding fee bill (i.e. if you award a scholarship in December intended for the fall semester, and the student has not yet paid their spring fee bill, the scholarship will automatically be applied to the outstanding spring fee bill).

      Summer semester:

      Summer scholarships can be submitted in mid/late March, no sooner
      Summer scholarships will not be posted after the start of the fall semester

      Winter semester:

      Scholarships meant to disburse for the winter intersession must be posted to the fall semester


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