Fall SAP Evaluation for Students on a FAEP

At the end of each term, the Office of Student Financial Aid Services (OSFAS) is required to evaluate students who are currently on a Financial Aid Eligibility Plan for compliance with the University SAP policy. The Financial Aid Eligibility Plan status applies to students whose SAP appeal was approved in 2023.

The fall term review will take place on December 28, 2023. Students who do not meet the SAP standards will have the option to submit a SAP appeal. The deadline to appeal is January 7, 2024. Students should be aware that in order for their appeal to be considered, it must be submitted by the published deadline. No late appeals will be reviewed.

Also on December 28, 2023, all students’ SAP will be evaluated. Students who are in jeopardy of not meeting SAP standards will receive a warning letter. Students needing academic support may seek assistance from the Academic Achievement Center (AAC). Please visit the AAC website at https://achieve.uconn.edu.

Please keep in mind that these regulations are for financial aid purposes only. The appeal processes for University Dismissal appeals and Financial Aid SAP appeals are separate and independent. More information about dismissal appeals can be found at Scholastic Standing Appeal Process | Scholastic Standing (uconn.edu).

A full description of the SAP policy and requirements of the Financial Aid Eligibility Plan can be found at https://financialaid.uconn.edu/sap.